March 7-10, 2018


Vegetables Are Taking Over The Food Industry!

Jan 8, 2018

Vegetable Masters Dinner.jpg

It's time to meet the chefs  of Vegetable Masters Dinner presented by Blue Shield of California!  Each chef has a unique and cutting-edge cooking style, with countless of delicious dishes focused around creative vegetable cuisine. We've rounded up our favorite dishes from these All-Star Chefs' restaurants to show just how delicious their vegetable creations will be!


Amanda Cohen 300x224.png

Amanda Cohen is a powerful force in the world of vegetable  cuisine. Her New York City restaurant, Dirt Candy, was the first vegetable-focused restaurant the city has ever seen, and remains the leader of the vegetable-forward movement. A crowd favorite, and possibly Dirt Candy's most popular dish, the brussells sprout tacos! We've never had tacos like this before but we're not saying no!

Josef Centeno Baco Mercat 300x230.pngAsk any LA native for a delicious restaurant suggestion and Bäco Mercat is sure to be in the top 5. Josef Centeno draws inspiration from Eastern Mediterranean, north African, southern European and Asian cuisines to curate a menu that takes your tastebuds across the globe. The ricotta fritters make for a great brunch favorite and a mouth-watering Instagram too!

Michael Voltaggio 300 x 225.pngFrom the start of his career, at age 15, Michael Voltaggio always stood out as a talent in the industry. He's the Season Six winner of Bravo's "Top Chef" and went on to have the "Best New Restaurant" in 2011. A crowd favorite at Ink.well is the egg yolk gnocchi with zucchini basil broth. We definitely think it's worth the hype!

WYLIE DUFRESNE 300X236.pngChef/owner of Du's Donuts & Coffee, Wylie Dufresne, is bringing his expertise to Vegetable Masters Dinner all the way from Brooklyn's trendiest neighborhood, Williamsburg! Wylie has won 2 James Beard Awards, and proves he is deserving through his delicous, cake-style donuts. We're so excited to try his dishes on the West Coast this March!

We're already hungry to see what these chefs will cook up at Vegetable Masters Dinner presented by Blue Shield of California. Buy tickets before it's too late!