March 7-10, 2018


Holiday Gift Guide

Oct 1, 2015

Giving thoughtful and fun gifts shouldn't be stressful, so we've come up with the ultimate guide for finding creative and meaningful gifts for everyone on your list - especially foodies!

ASCC Gift Guide_Mom_Edit.pngFor Mom:

Mom has been your All-Star from the minute you were born, and it can be tough to find a gift to show her how much you appreciate all she's done. Show her that she deserves to spend the evening among other All-Star Women at the inaugural, female-only All-Star Women Masters Dinner featuring some of the most renowned talent in the entire culinary industry. This dining experience celebrates creative and innovative women in the food world, plus, Mom will be amazed by the five-course meal prepared right before her eyes



For Dad:

The best way to show your dad that you appreciate the time he has spent at the grill during the summer evenings, holidays, block parties, and birthdays is a Platinum VIP ticket to Grill & Chill Presented by Pacific Sales & Stella Artois. With one hour early access, an exclusive VIP lounge to taste unlimited grilled masterpieces from the top chefs across the country, and an open bar, your dad will definitely feel the love! 


ASCC Gift Guide_BFF.pngFor Your BFF:

Give your BFF the gift of champagne, a five-course meal, the chance to see Michael Voltaggio in action, and did we mention champagne? The Vegetable Masters Dinner presented by Blue Shield of California brings together all of the above, plus the chance to experience luxury, fine dining, and to create memories that will last a lifetime with your best friend.


ASCC Gift Guide_Sig Other_Edit.pngFor Your Significant Other:

Unlike any other food event around, the American Masters Dinner allows you to be in the kitchen as five of the world's most prestigious chefs turn various ingredients into a beautifully crafted, gourmet, five-course meal. Instead of taking your loved one to one restaurant, give them a seat at the American Masters Dinner in Restaurant Stadium™ by Pacific Sales, because it's like giving them a seat to five different restaurants at once!


Edit_ASCC Gift Guide_Treat Yo Self.pngTREAT YO' SELF:

You've worked hard this year, and deserve to buy yourself something you'll really enjoy. Treat yo' self to the Platinum VIP ticket for Middle East Feast to enjoy unlimited booze and bites rich in culture and taste. The Platinum VIP ticket will give you one hour early access to avoid the crowds, an exclusive lounge to really soak in the flavors, and an open bar accompanied by unlimited chef tastings!


CLIENTS_EDIT.pngFor Your Clients:

The best way to express your gratitude for your clients (and really impress them) is to give them the VIP Chef's Table Experience! This package is extremely limited, with only ONE available per Masters Dinner, so you'll have to act fast! The Chef's Table Experience allows four guests to sit with and assist award-winning chefs and experience the Masters Dinner event up-close and personal. For package details and pricing the VIP Chef's Table Experience at the Vegetable Masters Dinner email [email protected]


ASCC Gift Guide_GNO.pngFor Guys/Girls Night Out:

Open bar and unlimited tastings from the best chefs in the world...need we say more? Grill & Chill Presented by Pacific Sales & Stella Artois celebrates the artistry of open flame cooking from 18 All-Star chefs complemented by an open bar, making it the perfect location for your next GNO. Inside Chefs' Tasting Arena™ you'll be able to mingle with others who appreciate grilling & chilling just as much as you do, with plenty of room to sit, stand, and have a good time!


EDIT_ASCC Gift Guide_Coworkers.png For Your Coworkers:

You've been promising a coworker that you'll try that new Middle Eastern place down the street for lunch for months now, but work just kept getting in the way. To show that you've been thinking of them, and Middle Eastern cuisine, tickets to the Middle East Feast will definitely satisfy that craving! Your coworker will be so grateful for the unlimited tastings of Middle East inspired dishes, the open bar, and to get to know you outside the office.


We hope our gift guide has been helpful to find the perfect gift for the people you care the most about this holiday season. And we can't wait to see you at All-Star Chef Classic March 7-10, 2018!