March 7-10, 2018


Why Everyone is Talking About Restaurant Stadium™

Dec 29, 2015

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All-Star Chef Classic is returns to L.A. LIVE and is ready for another serving! The third annual All-Star Chef Classic is bringing back the world’s most prestigious chefs from all corners of the globe to showcase their culinary talent all in one setting. What is that setting, you ask? It's none other than Restaurant Stadium™! A state-of-the-art venue that is the center of this year's Masters Dinner Series. Let's take a closer look inside:

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The venue welcomes 264 lucky guests in an intimate VIP setting with with tiered arena seating encircling an ultramodern kitchen, where they will be so close to the action that they may even feel the heat! 

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This experience brings foodies of all kinds an up-close encounter to see true culinary masterminds and distinguished leaders in their industry demonstrate how they cook and prepare cuisines to taste- just like they do from their world-renowned restaurants!


The interactive environment also provides a rare and priceless opportunity where guests can showcase their skills to world-renowned chefs. Young chefs in the making can learn from the best of the best!

Also, if you want to see more, check out the making of Restaurant Stadium™ below!

The Chefs' Tasting Arena is a complement to Restaurant Stadium™ and features a more expansive layout for tastings, showcases, and celebrations, like Grill & Chill presented by DCS & Stella Artois. 20 All-Star Chef booths surround the space, serving different styles of fare from each Chef.


The All-Star Chef Classic live from Restaurant Stadium™ returns to L.A. LIVE this year! Be one of the exclusive few to experience this venue filled with global culinary talent and tasty fares!